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Ardmore Whisky Distillery

Ardmore Whisky

Originally built, in 1898, to supply malt for Teachers blended scotch, Ardmore was purchased by Beam Global in 2005. Following Beam's acquisition it started to release single malt under its own name.

Peated whisky is rather lazily considered the preserve of the Islay distilleries but historically the highland malts also had a tradition of peating whiskies. Ardmore’s first official release, the very popular Traditional Casks, follows in this historical precedent. It is a peated expression double matured, first in bourbon then quarter casks.

In 2008 a 25 year old expression was added to the distillery's range. In addition to these two releases there are a number of notable independent bottlings on the market.

The peated whisky this distillery produces, nicely balanced with more fruity notes, is arguably a more approachable peated style than some Islay whiskies. Especially for those new to peated flavours.